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What are the basic rights that you as a tenant or as a landlord must be aware of?

Planning to buy a home in Prestige Palm Residences Villas in Mangalore?

Either buyer or the landlord has to face disputes when entering into rental accommodations. Therefore, when you talk about rental accommodations there are certain rules and regulations that you need to be aware of so as to avoid any glitches when buying or letting out your property in Prestige Palm Residences Villa property, Mangalore.

Prestige Palm Residences, Prestige Palm Residences Mangalore
Prestige Palm Residences
Being a landlord, you must provide your tenants these with the property-Accurate detail of the licensed property, like the size of the property, the car parking area, safety and privacy to use and enjoy the property, licensed agreement duly stamped and registered, title interest, clear right forum interrupted use of the property, etc.

Being a buyer when should your handover the payment to the landlord- usually tenants give advance to their landlords as a security. To avoid any case of damages or any non-payment deposits are given to landlord. The deposit period is usually stipulated and the amount is inclusive of administrative fees. The landlord should specify the conditions of deduction from the deposit at the time of tenancy completion.

Who will bear the cost of repair, you as a tenant or you as a landlord? Ideally the licensor that is landlord should bear all the cost arising out of structural damages or wear and tear caused to the property from the monthly fees they enjoy. But mostly parties come to an understanding where the regular break down is borne by the tenant and the long-term structural damages are looked after by the landlord.

Conditions when tenants are asked to leave the property- as a landlord there are two conditions when you can ask your tenant to leave the property. Firstly, by a pre-decide notice period i.e. without a cause eviction. Secondly, with cause eviction that includes number of things like violation of any clause in the agreement. Consistent delay in payments, illegal activities in the property or any serous damage to the property. If any of these exist, you will be asked to vacate the property.

Increasing rents: This is totally upon the understanding between you and your landlord. As per law, there is not any cap on increase in rentals and the tenants must settle and negotiate on fair terms.

So, as you have decided to invest in the luxury villas in Prestige Palm Residences, off Mangalore-Kochi National highway, keep the points mentioned above, either you are buying to let-out or buying to live in tenancy. Have a happy housing at Prestige Palm Residences Mangalore.

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